ios – Revoke Apple sing in token for account deletion course of


I’m a bit confused to grasp how all this works.

I’ve applied Signal In with Apple in my native IOS app, I do save all data Apple supplies as soon as the login success, like IdentityToken, UserId, and authorization code.

Already reviewed and we have now to implement the Revoke Tokens API endpoint utilizing the Register with Apple REST API Revoke Tokens simply that I haven’t got clear which the client_id, what’s the client_secret, and what’s the token.

As per my undarstading.

Is client_id the bundle ID proper?
Is client_secret the identityToken supplied by Apple in the course of the Signal In course of?.. I simply saved and share this token to our server however getting the invalid_client error

I would actually recognize it if somebody can clarify what ought to I do with the data supplied throughout Register with Apple circulation (UserId, IdentityToken, and AuthorizationCode) with a view to correctly implement the Revoke Tokens API.


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