Microsoft Interview Expertise for Web site Reliability Engineering for Internship


Not too long ago, I went by way of an interview for the function of Web site Reliability Engineering Intern at Microsoft. It was a reasonably new function for me and I used to be not ready for this one. Microsoft visited our campus and I used to be shortlisted to provide the On-line Evaluation Spherical together with a variety of different individuals.

On-line Evaluation Spherical: DIFFICULTY: Straightforward – Medium. This spherical was based mostly on Codility and had two questions. The questions have been pretty easy however we have been instructed to be vigilant in regards to the edge instances and so forth. as we have been solely allowed to submit as soon as and the decision was not recognized.

  • Given a string, discover the size of the biggest substring with distinctive characters.
  • You might be given two arrays A and B, it’s important to assemble an Array C, the place C[i] could be A[i] or B[i]. What’s the minimal attainable MEX that you could obtain for C?

Now the primary query may be very simple and most of the people did it appropriately, although it had some attention-grabbing edge instances. The second query is hard and most of the people obtained it flawed. I used to be in a position to remedy each of those (a minimum of that’s what I believe :p).

Consequence: 17 individuals have been shortlisted for the interview spherical.

Interview Spherical 1 :DIFFICULTY: Medium. This interview was scheduled 2 days after the web evaluation and was held at 9 am. We have been instructed by the recruiter that it’ll include Downside Fixing Questions together with Laptop Science Fundamentals. I used to be given just one Downside, although a few of the different candidates have been requested about theoretical topics. The spherical began with my primary introduction then we moved to the coding query.

You might be given an array A, A[i] is the variety of steps you may go ahead from i. Is it attainable to achieve the tip of the array?
Observe Up: What’s the minimal variety of steps you’ll require to achieve the tip?

I used to be certain I may remedy this utilizing recursion, so I instructed him that strategy and he was fairly happy. I used to be about to inform him the dynamic programming optimization, however he stopped me and requested in regards to the time complexity of this strategy first. I stated it could be exponential. He requested me to derive the precise time complexity and inform him how I did it. I used the Recursive Tree Technique and calculated it.

At this level, he was just about impressed and the one job was to code the recursive resolution. I did code it and he requested a number of follow-ups like what occurs once you do INT_MAX + 1 and why. Are you able to give the binary logic for this? I used to be comfy with these questions.

In the long run, I used to be going to memorize my code, however he was in a rush and he was happy with this so he instructed me to not.

Consequence: Shortlisted. 10 individuals have been shortlisted for the following spherical.

Interview Spherical 2 : DIFFICULTY: Straightforward – Medium. This spherical was taken by some senior worker of Microsoft (undecided about his designation). We have been instructed this spherical would take a look at our potential and keenness for the SRE function as I had no prior expertise with SRE, it was principally potential that was examined.

The spherical began with none introduction, I used to be requested about my voluntary experiences. There was a dialogue on the initiatives I had on my resume, we went by way of the codebase. Later, I used to be instructed that there’s a coding query right here as effectively.

You might be given a string, which seems like 2[A3[B]C], it’s important to broaden this to ABBBCABBBC.

Now, this query may be simple, I’m not sure of the problem, however I had not seen the same query earlier than, so I took a minute or two to assume, after which got here up with an answer utilizing a stack. I instructed him the strategy and he was happy and requested me to code it. I coded the answer, it labored completely. There have been a number of behavioral questions, I requested a number of inquiries to him in regards to the job profile and the interview was over.

Closing Verdict: Chosen together with 2 different individuals.


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