optical drive – Entry Distant Disc throughout a WAN or two LANs separated by VPN


We have used Distant Disc to entry a DVD reader hooked up to 1 laptop on a LAN earlier than. Now that we’re all ‘earn a living from home’, we have a VPN setup that creates peer-to-peer connections between all of our location and all regular visitors flows superb throughout it.

Nevertheless, from my laptop, I am unable to “Distant Disc” to a DVD drive situated on one other customers location which is related through the VPN. Every ‘location’ is its personal LAN. Instance,,, and so forth

Is there some intelligent option to make this work. We have now a use case the place the DVD burner is required in a single location, however studying the disc is required in one other.

As of proper now once I click on “Distant Disc” it solely works from a pc on the LAN the DVD burner is hooked up to. After I click on “Distant Disc” from a distant location, nothing reveals up although we’re all related through the VPN community.


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