Precision synchronous detection amplifier facilitates low voltage measurements


This design concept presents a sensible circuit that implements synchronous detection to amplify small DC voltages with excessive linearity and wonderful noise immunity. Such circuits are required in measurements involving present shunts, load cells, thermocouples, and many others. Synchronous detection is defined in lots of books, papers and instrument manuals. In case you are not aware of the subject, reference 1 is an efficient place to begin.

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Determine 1 reveals the block diagram of the amplifier. It supplies a set acquire of 1000 cut up between an instrumentation amplifier, an adjustable non-inverting amplifier and a lowpass filter. Polarity switches and the instrumentation amplifier convert the DC enter right into a bipolar square-wave sign, so the synchronous detection method may be utilized.

Determine 1 Block diagram of the amplifier.

Determine 2 presents the circuits of the primary 4 models of the block diagram. Prime quality op-amps present ultra-low offset voltage, very low noise and slew fee of 20 V/µs. All resistors have 1 % tolerance, however the R1 to R6 resistors are matched in pairs to 0.05 %.

Determine 2 Circuit schematic of a part of the amplifier (filter is introduced individually beneath).

Determine 3 reveals the filter schematic. It’s a canonical design of a 4-pole Sallen-Key lowpass filter with a DC acquire of two.576 (reference 2), with a cutoff frequency of 1 Hz and row-off fee of -80 dB/dec.

Determine 3 Schematic of the low-pass filter.

The square-wave oscillator is predicated on the 74HC4060 chip. The frequency is ready to 577 Hz, a primary quantity roughly equally spaced between the closest 50-Hz and 60-Hz harmonics.

Determine 4 reveals the PCB. It’s a two-layer board, 78 mm by 62 mm (3.07” x 2.44”) in dimension. All analog grounds use particular person traces related to a single level on the energy provide floor. All measurements are referred to this frequent level.

Determine 4 The 2-layer PCB of the amplifier.

The circuit efficiency is evaluated with a home-made voltage calibrator (reference 3) and a 6.5-digit multimeter. A 100:1 divider is positioned between the 2 boards to extend enter voltage decision.

The switch operate is approximated with a finest match line; line equation is as follows:

(1)                   VBF = 1001.1 * VIN – 0.013

Determine 5 shows deviation between the experimental knowledge of VOUT and the most effective match line. The error is between +1 and -1 mV. Referred to the complete scale voltage of 10 V, this is a wonderful consequence. The 13 mV offset within the switch operate can simply be canceled by {hardware} or, if the circuit is related to a microcontroller, by way of firmware.

Determine 5 Circuit efficiency: deviation between experimental knowledge and the most effective match line is inside the ±1 mV vary.

To conclude, there are some measures you may apply to enhance value and efficiency:

  • Preserve the wires connecting the sign supply to the board as brief as potential.
  • A less expensive op-amp with much less excessive offset voltage specification could also be used for U3.
  • If potential, go together with a 2-pole filter. The second op-amp within the package deal can be utilized to cancel the offset of the switch operate.
  • Utilizing SMD elements will scale back the dimensions and the worth of the PCB.


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Jordan Dimitrov is {an electrical} engineer & PhD with 30 years of expertise. He teaches electrical and electronics programs at a Toronto group school.

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